GRAFILAGE- Sandy Baker’s New Line

grafilage /graf-i-loj/ (n): The process of creation for Sandy Baker Jewelry’s newest line.

Sandy Baker coined the word grafilage to describe how her newest collection came to be—from her head to her heart, and then to her hand. The vision forms first: bits of compelling shapes and colors begin to emerge, combining into a more cohesive idea that resonates on an emotional level. As an artist, she often associates certain hues with events and feelings—reds are warm and exuberant, greens evoke memories and so on. Only then does she pull out materials and commit the designs to paper. Her passion for beautiful things inspires her creativity, and with this collection she has free range to combine any forms and colors she can think of. All pieces have been coated with a clear veneer to protect their vibrancy and set in the exclusive Sandy Baker style, in sterling silver with my name along the bezel.

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