MAJA JEWELRY earns new fans with Sandy Baker Jewelry

Baltimore fashionistas of the luxe bohemian stripe know MAJA Jewelry. The collection of artisanal jewelry, textiles and housewares has a one-of-a-kind, graphic, cultural vibe that Sandy Baker Jewelry pieces fully contribute to. In fact, the store’s tagline, “A Nomadic Journey in Wearable and Collectible Artistry,” completely squares with Sandy Baker’s Wearable Art philosophy.
Mary Butler, owner of MAJA, is a striking woman with a full head of gray twists and braids, worn in an up-swept crown. Generally soft-spoken, the enthusiasm in her voice kicks up a notch when she talks about Sandy Baker jewelry.
“Once they put on the earrings on, they’re hooked,” she gushes. “[Customers] love the sculptural look and the light weight.”
Sandy’s signature use of negative space in and around the earrings, to allow the designs to visually play with the wearer’s neck and hair, is an added bonus.
An emerging sector of Sandy fans are the husbands and partners of these women, who often purchase complementary pieces to complete their favorite ladies’ looks. Even the most frugal customers splurge on Sandy Baker earrings. It’s easy enough to see why, Mary says. “These are no ordinary earrings here—they’re special!”

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