Memphis Belles and Blacksmiths Heart Sandy Baker

Looking to find interesting and unusual art? There’s nothing quite like the National Ornamental Metal Museum. The Memphis, Tenn. museum is the only U.S. institution devoted exclusively to the collection, preservation and promotion of fine metal works. You can lose hours inside the museum’s collection of sculpture and art, but make sure you allot enough time for the museum store, as well.

The popular shop has built a reputation as a top gift destination in Memphis. “Our store has been known to put more than one tour bus behind schedule,” says Virginia Fisher, the store manager.

Sandy Baker jewelry makes up an important piece of the Metal Museum’s collection, which includes large forged or cast steel work and jewelry from all over the country. “We love the Sandy Baker jewelry at the Metal Museum,” Fisher says. “The greatest testament to the value of the Sandy Baker jewelry is that our blacksmith shop foreman, a heavily trained Metalsmith, has bought a number of pieces for his own mother.”

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