Museum in Southwest Embraces Sandy Baker Jewelry

The SHOP @ Amon Carter Museum of American Art wholly embraces Sandy Baker Jewelry’s Grafilage collection. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, the 60-year-old museum houses a diverse array of exhibitions, publications and programs. Highly selective, its retail space offers objects and jewelry that connect visitors to masterworks of American art, and so is a fitting retailer for SBJ’s works. With the Grafilage collection, Sandy Baker’s unbridled imagination runs free, creating designs on paper of gem-quality vibrancy: reds are warm and exuberant, purple is refined and outgoing, and exquisite blues provide a visual anchor. All pieces are protected with a clear veneer and feature the exclusive sterling silver setting with the Sandy Baker name engraved along the bezel. The colorful collection is a hit with Texans, and anyone favoring big, bold design!

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