Sandy Baker Jewelry: “Feminine without being frilly”

Since 1997, tastemakers around Charlottesville, Virginia have been clamoring for Vivian’s Art to Wear collection of carefully curated handcrafted goods, from batik textiles, blown glass and sculpture to the newest sensation, fine jewelry by Sandy Baker. The whimsical shop draws creative souls looking to stand out from the crowd. Baker’s modern elegance is reigniting that reputation with precious metals, organic stones and heirloom quality settings. Superb workmanship, the result of decades in pursuit of perfection, is immediately apparent. Owner Vivian, whose own studio is above the store, shed some light on the appeal Baker’s pieces hold for her customers.

“First they are attracted to the designs: Many designs are geometric, but the use of shell and mosaic softens that and brings an alluring quality. They are simple and classic, but the unique combination of different shapes and materials gives them depth and interest. Someone said Sandy Baker designs are feminine without frilliness.”

That aesthetic has been a guiding light for Sandy Baker since she first began her company. Bold, but not over the top. Light-hearted, not silly. And true to her base, always art-forward.

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