Sandy Baker Jewelry = Timeless Style!

Just off the shores of Crystal Lake, in the Northern Michigan village of Beulah, Sally Berlin brings together world-respected names in home and personal accessories in her store, Crystal Crate & Cargo. Naturally, the Sandy Baker Art Collection has been a staple in the charming shop since the ’80s.

Sally’s favorite thing is chatting with customers, and she has an eye for detail. Recently, a customer entered the store wearing striking jewelry. When asked their origin, the woman said she had bought them at an estate sale and was enjoying them very much. Sally immediately recognized the earrings, and told the woman “Those are vintage Sandy Baker.” Sally knows the line intimately, having spent much time at New York trade shows, hosting special SBJ in-store events and also personally wearing Sandy Baker jewelry herself. To confirm her discovery, Sally contacted Sandy, who confirmed that the design had indeed been created and manufactured 20 years ago.

The Crystal Crate & Cargo team marveled that the earrings hadn’t aged a bit and looked as fresh and exciting as when they were first made. “There was nothing dated about those earrings,” Sally Berlin said. “The keys to the success of the Sandy Baker jewelry line are quality and longevity.”

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