Sandy Baker’s Jewelry Gains High-Flying Platform

Sandy Baker’s jewelry has always delivered the height of excellence and style. But now it’s ascended to an even higher plane. The Discover New York store at La Guardia Airport is now carrying Sandy’s GRAFILAGE collection.

The store, located in Terminal B on La Guardia’s Departure level, carries scarves and other accessories, in addition to fashion jewelry. Sandy, herself a native New Yorker, calls it a fitting place for the jewelry she loves to create.

Grafilage’s bold colors and fun shapes are a strong match with the gift and accessory boutique’s fashion sense. All Grafilage earrings, pendants and bracelets begin with Sandy’s fanciful artwork. Sandy allows her imagination to run free, creating designs of gem-like vibrancy: reds are bright and exuberant, purples are richly saturated and exquisite blues remind one of sky or water. All pieces feature the exclusive sterling silver setting with the Sandy Baker name engraved along the bezel, sterling earwires for earrings and a sterling chain for the pendants.

Being on the Departures level, Discover New York’s collection is only available to those flying out of the city–a potential expansion of SBJ’s brand ambassadors. “I’m glad to reach this new group of shoppers,” she says. “SBJ’s fans have always been jet-setters, so I’m excited about the places they’ll be taking my designs.”

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