8 Great Bangs Cuts for Medium Hair!

Chic Blunt Bob 

Get a sleek and sophisticated look with a chic blunt bob and trendy bangs that frame your face perfectly 

Playful Wispy Bangs 

Add a touch of playfulness to your medium hair with wispy bangs, giving your style a breezy and carefree vibe 

Edgy Side-Swept Bangs 

For a bold and edgy look, opt for side-swept bangs that add a touch of drama to your medium-length hair. 

Trendy Curtain Bangs 

Join the latest hair trend with curtain bangs that effortlessly frame your face and give your hair a modern touch 

Romantic Layered Bangs 

Embrace a romantic vibe with layered bangs, perfectly blending with your medium-length locks for a dreamy look. 

Classic Full Bangs 

Never go wrong with classic full bangs that exude elegance and complement any medium-length haircut 

Boho Braided Bangs 

Channel your inner boho spirit with braided bangs, combining style and functionality for a charming look. 


Image: Unsplash