Lasagna with Decadent Layers of Chocolate

Gather Ingredients 

Collect chocolate cookies, chocolate pudding mix, cream cheese, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Let's get started! 

Layer the Chocolate Cream 

Mix cream cheese, whipped cream, and chocolate pudding. Spread this luscious chocolate cream over the cookie crust 

Add Chocolate Chips 

Sprinkle a generous amount of chocolate chips on top of the cream layer for added texture and flavor. 

Repeat the Layers 

Create another set of layers—cookies, chocolate cream, and chocolate chips. Repeat until the pan is filled. 

Chill in the Fridge 

Place the chocolate 'lasagna' in the fridge for a few hours to set. Patience will be rewarded! 

Garnish and Enjoy 

For an elegant touch, garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings 


Image: Unsplash